Occupational Therapy Mentorship Program Criteria and Guidelines: Third Cycle

Third Cycle Criteria and Guidelines

Click the link above for the Third Cycle Criteria and Guidelines, Month-To-Month Guidelines, List of Suggested Topics, and the Goals, Objectives, & Action Steps document. 


List of Suggested Topics 

  1. Introductions 

    • Introduce yourself and your experience.

    • Discuss current field of practice and professional interests. 

    • Why did you choose occupational therapy? 

    • Discuss why you want to be a part of the Occupational Therapy Mentorship Program. 

  2. Identify Goals and Objectives 

  3. Documentation 

  4. Work-Flow

  5. Work-Life Balance and Burnout

  6. Interprofessional Collaboration 

  7. Review a Research Article and/or Evidence Based Research Discussion 

  8. Case Study 

  9. Continuing Education

  10.  Resume Building 

  11.  Interview Preparation 

  12.  Difficult Conversations with Patients, Families, and Co-workers 

  13.  Supervision and Collaboration: OT/OTA, Fieldwork Educator/Student, Interprofessional (OT/PT/SLP/Social Worker, etc.)

  14.  Career Goals 


 *For AOTA Members Only


Prep 101 Sessions:

MENTEE Information and Q&A Session
MENTOR Information and Q&A Session
View the previously recorded Mentor and Mentee Information and Q&A Sessions for an overview of the program and a Q&A for 2nd cycle program participants. 


Mentorship Committee

Questions: If you'd like to learn more about our initiatives or have questions, please contact the Mentorship Committee at [email protected]