TNOTA Approved Provider Program

Latest update April 12, 2023

The TNOTA Approved Provider Program is TNOTA's mechanism for reviewing individual continuing education courses for approval with our association. This program assures that continuing education courses offered in partnership with TNOTA reflect the organization’s high standards for continuing education. Additionally, TNOTA reviews course content to ensure it is relevant to OT practitioners, draws on current evidence, and is offered by a presenter with sufficient background and expertise in the topic. Continuing education courses which meet criteria for approval and agree to adhere to the program guidelines will receive the designation of Approved Course by TNOTA. Approved Providers will be eligible to advertise their course through TNOTA’s media channels. 

Please note, TNOTA approves courses on a case-by-case basis and does not issue blanket approval for all of a provider's content.


Benefits of being a TNOTA Approved Provider 

The TNOTA Approved Provider Program allows continuing education providers to submit their courses for approval by TNOTA. Per the Rules and Regulations Governing the Practice of Occupational Therapy (March 2023 version) in Tennessee, courses offered by or in partnership with TNOTA are approved Continued Competence Activities. 

Prospective CE providers must submit an application to TNOTA by following the attached instructions.  Applications will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the TNOTA's CE review committee to assure quality of the course offering and to affirm that it meets the TNOTA CE criteria.

Approval Benefits Include: 

  • FREE listing of your course on our website’s CE page through our TNOTA Approved Course Listing.  Additional advertising opportunities are available for an additional fee. 
  • Efficient, timely course review
  • Approval status effective for twelve months


Apply to be a TNOTA Approved Provider 

Submission Instructions
TNOTA Approved Provider Application


Pricing Information:

  • $100 for 1-3 hour courses (per year)

  • $125 for 4-7 hour courses (per year)

  • $200 for 8 or more hour courses (per year)

  • $150 per day for courses longer than one day (billed in 8 hour increments)
  •  Add $100 for Expedited Approval for CE Course (fewer than 30 days prior to event)

  • Add $200 for TNOTA home page advertisement per month

Application Notes:

  • All materials and payment must be received before the approval request will be evaluated.

  • Approval requests must be submitted a minimum of 30 days PRIOR to the course date.

  • Courses submitted less than 30 days prior to the course require a $100.00 rush fee.

  • Course approvals are good for 12 months from the date of the course or the date of course approval for on-going courses.


Important tips when submitting your application:

  1. Courses are ONLY accepted electronically through the TNOTA website.

  2. All fields on the CEU Course Submission form must be fully completed, including uploading relevant documents (provider CV, course schedule, course references, course handouts if available).

  3. Educational contact hours are awarded in increments of quarter hours (15 minutes).

  4. Evaluate and substantiate your request by asking the questions that reviewers consider:

  • Content:
    • Does the application clearly describe the course abstract and learning objectives?
    • Is the course relevant to the practice of occupational therapy?
    • Are course objectives relevant, measurable, and objective?
    • Is the target audience described, and is the material appropriate to the target audience?
    • Is the course material evidence-based, reflective of current best practice, and based on up-to-date, peer reviewed research?
    • Does the course include a process through which the learner demonstrates attainment of course objectives (e.g. post test, presentation of case study or demonstration of techniques)?
    • Is the course language inclusive and free from bias or cultural insensitivity?
  • Presenter:

    • Does the presenter meet the criteria to be considered qualified to teach this course based on their resume/CV?
    • Are potential conflicts of interest disclosed?
  • Schedule:
    • Is the delivery method suitable for the course content, and does it include opportunities for participant engagement?
    • Does the schedule appropriately reflect the contact hours requested?
    • Has the total time for registration, breaks and meals been excluded from the educational contact hours requested?
    • Are there any unidentified time frames or gaps in the schedule? 

       5.   A copy of the following documents are required as part of this application:

    • Resume/CV for each presenter
    • Presenter disclosure form
    • Course Agenda, including mealtimes and breaks (if applicable)
    • Handouts or slides

      6.  All approved courses, unless directed otherwise, are listed on the TNOTA Approved Education page including information on expiration
date of approval.

      7. An email confirmation should be received once the form is submitted.  If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]


CE Course Approvals are granted for twelve months from date of application. If a course will be offered more than once in a twelve-month period, applicants must indicate the approximate date(s) the course will be offered. If any aspect of the course changes within the defined twelve months, or if you choose to offer the course on additional dates, you must re-apply for approval.

No refunds will be issued for CE Approval Applications. Please email [email protected] for more information or with questions.



Current & Upcoming  TNOTA-Approved Continuing Education Courses

Any lapsed courses are highlighted in gray

Course Name Provider Name Course Date Course Link Contact Hours Approval Expiration
OT and Opioid Guidelines: Bridging Policy and Practice Aspire OT  Ongoing 1.5  11/6/2023

Occupational Therapy's Role in Treating Pain

Aspire OT  Ongoing



Hand Therapy Common Diagnoses

Noelle Austin 10/1/2022




Sensory Processing Disorder: Connecting the Dots

Anne Zachry 10/20/2022




Post Amputation Pain and Treatment Options

Brent Jarreau et al 12/1/2022




Introduction to Neonatal/Pediatric ECMO for the Rehabilitation Professional

Physical Therapy Core Competency an ECMO Advantage 1/15/2023




Vanderbilt Sports Medicine W. Ben Kibler Upper Extremity Lecture

Vanderbilt Sports Medicine 2/10/2023




Dry Needling: Implementing a Specialized Approach to Upper Extremity Pain and Dysfunction

Luke Bynum 4/14/2023




Lincoln Memorial University’s Department of Occupational Therapy Annual Research Symposium

Lincoln Memorial University (Liz Schmidt) 4/13/2023




Introduction to ECMO for the Rehabilitation Professional

ECMO Advantage (Erica C. Colclough and Myron Norman) 4/13/2023




Physical Agent Modalities for the Occupational Therapy Professional

Amie D. Goins 7/3/2023




Foundations of Acute Care Practice

Erica C. Coclough 10/25/23 - 11/29/23 (one course every week)