Student Quarterly Virtual Chats




Upcoming 2020 Student Quarterly Virtual Chats 

November 10, 6-7pm CST: "OT and OTA Collaboration" with speakers Niccole Rowe and Kimberly Breeden



Past 2020 Student Quarterly Virtual Chats  

See the Student Forum for the link to watch the following past Student Quarterly Virtual Chats:
  • August 25: Combating Burnout Through Relationships
  • May 13: Special Edition Student Virtual Chat: Navigating COVID-19 Challenges
  • March 31: New Practitioner Panel/Q&A 
  • January 28: Interview and Hiring Tips 


Upcoming 2021 Student Quarterly Virtual Chats

  • January 19: New Practitioner Panel with Dr. Beth Stuckey, Dr. Amanda La Bonte, and TBA
  • April 20: Tennessee Licensure and Board Examinations Processes with Amanda Newbern 
  • August 31: TBA
  • November 9: TBA


Virtual Chat Suggestions

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Virtual Chat Suggestions


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