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As a member benefit, TNOTA provides opportunities for members to recruit participants for their research.  

Evidence based practice is vital to growing and sustaining our profession. Please support all OTs, OTAs, and students as they work on their research.

TNOTA members can fill out a research posting request form below to be posted in TNOTA’s monthly newsletters as well as the TNOTA website (this webpage under "Current Research Opportunities"). 

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TNOTA Member Research Request Form


Current Research Opportunities:

Study Name: Impacts on Mental Health for a Typical Adult with a Sibling with a Disability

Institution Name: Tennessee State University

Names of Authors: Briera Miles, Jennifer Bumpous, Nardeen Abskharaun, Chloe Hixson

Expiration Date of the Study: 04/15/2023

Brief Description of the Study: Our research question inquires if growing up with a sibling with a disability leads to a higher chance of negative effects on mental health for the sibling without a disability? The mental health of the sibling without the disability may get overlooked at times due to the amount of attention and care the sibling with the disability must receive. Living in this environment undoubtedly results in substantial effects. This research study aims to understand the impacts on mental health for typical siblings of an individual with a disability.

Please note: Participants must have a sibling with a disability and be over the age of 18

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